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Commissioning and Ordering

Occasionally I have pieces on hand to sell, but more often than not, I donít. The majority of pieces are made to order. Once in a while, clients will want to change the dimensions of a piece or wood specie which in many cases is possible. The only way to find out is to call or email me. If you need more information about a piece Iíll be happy to provide it.

While it can appear daunting, the process of commissioning a new piece really isnít. Each commissioned piece Iíve done, and that includes most of the pieces in this web site, have all gone through a similar process.

It starts with a discussion about the piece you have in mind and, if practical, a visit to your home or office. What you like or dislike about my work is likewise important. Listening is a virtue at this stage. At some point, Iíll ask you some questions; and once I have an idea of what youíre looking for, Iíll do two or three sketches. Often these are freehand drawings, which I can then scan and email to you.

Your thoughts about the sketches moves the process further along. A rough estimate of costs at this stage can also be made. Moreover, discussions and drawings can go back and forth until we have a concrete idea of how the piece will look and function. Unless your heart is set on a particular specie, I can help with samples and a dose of my own thoughts about them.

The last stage is to provide you with a 1/4Ē scale, or larger, drawing that includes front, side, and top elevations, and the final cost of the piece, less shipping. In addition, I will provide you with wood and other material samples, as necessary.

The cost of the design process, which is separate from the cost of the commissioned work, typically runs between $250-$400 depending on how much back and forth is required.

Payments for the final piece typically are made as follows: a 10% deposit to schedule the piece; 40% when I begin construction; and the final 50% upon completion, prior to shipping. At any time you are welcome to come by my shop to see how your piece is progressing. I put an enormous amount of myself into each piece. It is unthinkable not to guarantee my work.

Nothing beats my delivery or picking up the piece yourself. However, if neither is possible, I have had great success with both blanket wrap shippers (Clark & Reidís fine furniture division, for example) and with crating pieces for common carriers. Crates will cost a bit more ($150-$250), but the actual shipping cost is a bit less. With common carriers (like FedEx ($$$) or one of its competitors($)) I always opt for the shortest amount of time in transit, which is usually two or three business days. The goal is simple: get the piece to you swiftly and safely. For any method, the costs, including insurance, typically range from 5% to 10% of the cost of the piece.

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